Method of Registration & Check-Up’s
Step 1 - Registration through Phone or in person at affiliated centers or MCRC office.

Step 2 - Center will provide the date of pre check-up

Step3 - Registration & testing fee paid & tests done. (ID Proof & Photo)

Step4 – DIA Card printed and Patient Booklet will be sent to patients address from MCRC office / Patient can collect the same from MCRC office or affiliated centers.
Step 5 – Patient can consult any of the panel of doctors by taking appointment through MCRC.

Step 6 – HbA1C check-ups can be done at affiliated centers by producing the DIA Card

Step 7 – Patient has to carry all blood check result while consulting the doctor

Step 8 – Patient has to call up MCRC help line to fix appointment of doctors

Step 9 – MCRC will call up doctors & fix appointment for patient

Step 10 – Doctor will write the prescription on the patient history book duly sealed & signed.

Step 11 – Doctor will give MCRC acknowledgement slip of his consultation which will be recorded at MCRC office.