MCRC Foundations

MCRC Foundations is a charitable trust under the management of Mayo Clinical Research Center. MCRC Foundations aims at providing financial backup for the needy once.Its activities Include

Providing free insulin to diabetic patients below 18 years of age

Free diagnosis for the poorb) Free diagnosis for the poor

Financial assistance scheme for diabetic patients (DIA-Card scheme)

To provide fees, books, equipments, freeships, and/or scholarships to deserving students

To feed poor students and to start free student homes and free hostels

To help and assist poor and deserving people in marriage

To conduct seminars/workshops and arrange special tuition/training for students.

To provide/assist in setting up laboratories.

To make donations to other public charitable Trusts/institutions recognized under Section 80-G of the Income tax Act, 1961.

To set up and operate schools/colleges

To conduct nutritional and health services

To conduct/operate programmes for providing nutritional assistance e.g. to operate a school/lunch/food programme for children, operate nutritional supplement programme for needy women which shall be provided/conducted/ distributed free of charge.

Testing of diets from nutritional view point

To render assistance to poor patients by providing medicines etc., provisions of health care, preventive medical services (including dental services).

Assistance to hospitals in setting up the various facilities such as Blood bank, Eye Bank, burn Centres, etc. for the poor patients

Provision of outdoor dispensary or assistance thereof and also to run “Mobile” medical services.

Conduct education in health care or provide assistance in the provision of primary health care education

To set up hospitals/nursing homes for children/women

To render assistance to the handicapped.

To provide monetary assistance and social services in case of natural calamities

To render financial assistance to the poor and the disadvantaged.

To promote and advance moral education, charity and general welfare of the people.It is hereby made clear that the benefits of this Trust shall ensure to all sections of the public in India and abroad without any distinction of religion, caste, creed, sex or other such considerations.