Featurs of DIA Card

1.     Age : Up to 79 Years

2.     Age Limit : 80 years of age
3.     Validity : One year from the date of issue of DIA Card
4.     Registration Fee : Rs.100/-
5.     Checkup Cost : Rs.1500/-
6.     Reimbursements covered : Diabetic Retinopathy, Diabetic Nephropathy, Diabetic Foot Ulcer
7.     Pre-Checkup’s
8.     Patient Booklet
9.     Free doctor consultation once in three months for one year – Diabetologist
10.   Free retinopathy screening twice a year
11.   Free HbA1c testing before doctor consultation
12.   Free Thyroid checkup.
13.   Reimbursements of hospital expenses due to Diabetic Retinopathy(Laser Treatment for Retinopathy), Diabetic          Nephropathy leading to Chronic Renal Failure, Diabetic Foot Ulcer requiring Micro Vascular Surgery up to Rs.50000/-
14.  15% discount on other testing in MCRC affiliated centers
15.   10% discount on medicines at affiliated medical shops.