Expenses incurred on cosmetic or aesthetic treatment of any description and/or plastic surgery even if necessitated following any of the covered illness/disease.
Doctor consultation is to be done through MCRC only. DIA-Card holder has to call up MCRC help line to fix up appointment to consult the Panel of doctors of MCRC
Under the DIA-Card scheme the card holder has to consult the panel of doctors appointed by MCRC once in three months
For receiving the claim, it is mandatory that DIA-Card holders has to consult the Panel of doctors once in three months with the blood check-up results as prescribed by panel of doctors. Any claims arisen without the proper consultation of the panel of doctors will not be considered.
MCRC shall not be liable to make any payment under the scheme in respect of any claim if such claim is in any manner fraudulent or supported by any fraudulent means or device, misrepresentation whether by the insured person or by any other person acting on this behalf
Any changes that is made on the scheme by MCRC shall be applicable to the DIA-Card holder from the next renewal date
The three member advisory board which is appointed by the MCRC foundations has the full authority to decide the authenticity of the claim and their decisions will be final for approving the amount
All claims under this policy shall be payable in Indian currency
Company liability is limited to the amount of Rs.50000/- per DIA-Card holder
Complaints in any case, the card holder may contact MCRC at the specified address, during the normal business hours.
Prior to admission at hospital for the claimable diseases, the card holder has to inform to MCRC, The date of admission, hospital name & doctors name on or before the date of admission